A Bark in the Park

Our Story

Meet Marni and Beth, the dynamic duo behind A Bark in the Park: Toronto’s best ravine hike for dogs. More than a dog walk – an adventure!


Marni thought she had her dream job designing Disney toys until she got her dog Sami in 1994 – that’s when the exploration of Toronto’s many ravines began, and with it, a new passion: hiking in nature for hours! Suddenly being indoors at a computer made far less sense. Marni’s drive for being in nature soon took over.

Marni has always loved animals, and is a vegetarian. Spending time hiking in nature with animals was absolutely PERFECT! In 1996, A Bark In The Park was born.

Many years later Marni’s clients and friends are blown away. Not many people have such enthusiasm, drive and passion for what they do. It seems obvious to Marni – how can anyone get burnt out doing this sort of “job?” And poor weather conditions? Whatever! Bring it on! There’s no such thing as a day so terrible that Marni would prefer to be indoors, not walking dogs.

IMG_2327-smMarni never had the desire to grow the way many dog walking businesses around her seemed to be. How could she trust just anyone with the care and well being of one of her dogs? That’s how Marni approaches dog walking: her dogs are her dogs! Marni loves keeping her business small and personal: just her and the dogs in her group, getting the individual attention and time in ravines that they love and deserve. A Bark In The Park still remains a small operation in order to provide the best possible care and attention to each dog that becomes a part of the A Bark in the Park family!

One day Marni dropped off her client Beth’s dog Zoe (who Marni had been walking for five years) at the veterinary clinic where Beth worked. Beth asked about joining Marni at A Bark in the Park – and Marni was ecstatic! To build her business with someone she trusted was a dream come true. Marni had witnessed how loving and caring Beth was when she provided veterinary care to her dog Sami, and knew it was the perfect fit. Marni couldn’t pass up an opportunity to have someone on board that so clearly shared Marni’s passion and values for the care of animals. Bingo!

Beth had a lifelongIMG_2316-sm love of animals, and from a young age she knew her career choice was obvious! She has worked as a veterinary assistant and eventually trained as as a Veterinary Health Technician, and has also had the opportunity to manage a vet clinic for many years. Beth loved all aspects of animal medicine but decided that after fourteen years she needed a change! Beth was thoroughly impressed with Marni’s long adventurous walks and had never seen Zoe happier.

This long lasting relationship has led to Beth joining Marni as a business partner and Beth has been dog walking with Marni for over three years and loves every minute of it! From being outdoors every day to being surrounded by dogs, Beth has her dream job. The two have made an unstoppable team; both crave an outdoor active lifestyle and adore animals! With Marni’s endless enthusiasm and Beth’s medical knowledge who could ask for a better pair?