A Bark in the Park


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Client Testimonials

IMG_2302-sm“I can’t recommend Marni highly enough. We call her Knight’s third parent. She doesn’t just take him out for long, wonderful jaunts in nature but also loves him and understands him. When he had to stay home after an accident a few years ago (the accident didn’t happen on her watch) she dropped by to visit him most days. She is very reliable and diligent, going out whatever the weather and arranging backup for her (rare) vacations. She loves dogs and she loves her job. We are very lucky to have her and enjoy sharing chats about Knight with her. Marni’s enthusiasm and energy are a treat!” – Siobhan

“I have used A Bark in the Park Dog Walking services for almost 12 years. My dog Woof absolutely adores both Marni and Beth who have each looked after her twice a week during this time. As Woof has aged, Marni and Beth have shown great care and concern for her and offered suggestions as to how to maintain her health and independence not only on walks but at home as well. Their love and care of my dog is second to none and this is exhibited by the enthusiastic and loving greeting Woof offers each time one of them comes to pick her up. A Bark in the Park is reliable, trustworthy and most importantly, Marni and Beth love my dog as if she were their own.” – Shari

IMG_2230-sm“Marni has been walking my 2 labs for over 10 years. At the beginning it was p/t and sometimes I’d bump into  her so we’d walk together in the ravine. This was a real eye opener. We’d see other walkers sitting around and chatting while the dogs stood and sniffed around.  Yet Marni moves constantly and quickly so the dogs are actually getting exercise. They run, play and some swim but they are never far away and she always has control. Shortly after this, she started walking my girls full time and has been since. Marni is amazing with the dogs. It’s obvious she loves them and they love her in return. If you want your dog to get exercise – by being allowed to be a dog, off leash, running and playing – then I highly recommend Marni as the best there is!” – Cathy

“Beth has been walking our labradoodle Rooney for three years. She was recommended to us by our neighbour, and I immediately felt comfortable leaving him in her care. Her love of animals is apparent in her daily interactions, and she genuinely cares about the happiness and well being of her dogs. She often shares photos of the dogs at play, which brightens up any work day!  Beth is honest and reliable, and has gone our of her way numerous times to accommodate our family. We are incredibly thankful for each and every walk!” – Hilary

“I’ve been using A Bark in the Park for over 3 years. They are reliable, responsible, creative and fun. Our 3 year old lab Ina almost jumps through the door when Beth arrives because she’s so excited to go. They don’t just drop off at the dog run. Long healthy walks in beautiful nature is the norm. Our family loves everything about them.” – Mike

“Beth has been walking our dog Scout for the last 4 years. He waits for her at the front door every day and couldn’t be happier when she arrives.  He always comes back well exercised and happy and we are thrilled that Beth takes such good care of him.” – Irv

“Marni and Beth are simply the best dog walkers. They really aren’t dog walkers they are part of the family in that they are so caring for my dog they are her best friend. My dog has separation anxiety and was difficult to leave alone but once Marni and Beth were in our life she leaves me to wait for her pick up without any anxiety or fear – that is how much she loves going with them. You see a lot of dog walkers who leave the pets in the car or stay in the car and let them run to the park without ever really being walked. Marni and Beth take their charges for a REAL walk in the parks and ravines which is wonderful for the dogs and for us as they are tired. Marni and Beth are true dog lovers, they are trustworthy and extraordinarily responsible. I would trust them completely with everything but most importantly for ensuring my dog is safe, well looked after and having a wonderful time. I have to say my dog is like my baby and I am very protective of her. After being with two other walkers before can tell you they are simply the best. I hope they never leave the business as long as I have a dog! Feel free to contact me (ask Marni and Beth for my information) for a reference.” – Linda